• Crane Services
  • Domestic Hauling All US States Alaska and Hawaii – Canada & Mexico
  • Escorts for Over Dimensional Cargo and Car Polls
  • LTL Services in all States
  • Parcial Loads
  • State Permits
  • Step Decks, RGN, RGN Extendible Flat Beds, Low Boy, Drop Deck, Drop Deck Extendible, Hot Shots, Landolls, Beam Trailers, Vans, 24’ 45’ 53’ Closed Trailer.

EFB Export Offers Inland services all thru the US Territory Alaska and Hawaii, Mexico and Canada, from Full load Step Decks, RGN, Flat Beds, Super Loads and partial loads, contact us to provide you the best option for your shipment.

We will advise you the permits required mileage and the transit time. We have driver on call always waiting to help you expedite your shipments.

All drivers are monitored, and you are informed on the status of your unit during the entire transport, our team will work hard to ensure the best price and service, to accommodate your needs.